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Globish IN Globish is a new way to learn.

You begin by reading the 350 most-used words in English.

Good Globish, you see, is also good English.

Each lesson will give you 44 more words.  

Finally, you know 1500 of the most common English words.

You will also understand many more variation-words.

You can study only "new words".
Or you can just study sentences. You choose everything.pyramidsleaping

 But...How long does Globish take?

 There is one lesson for each English letter, A to Z.

How Long = How Much You Know Already + How Much You Study.

We think: 6 months (or 200 hours) = Globish. And much English, too.

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350 of the most-used words   |   1500 Globish words   


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