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Globish The World Over - a new book about Globish, written in Globish

The new e-book Globish The World Over, observes how a billion people are in need of a consistent language to do business across the globe, describes how the problem is being solved by many non-native English speakers, and discusses the specific outlines of the Globish approach that is being noted as perhaps the only possibility for true Global talk.

The authors Jean-Paul Nerriere and David Hon offer you Chapters 4 and 7 -- for free -- right now! No e-mail, no cookies…your free look. And then, of course, we will tell you how you can buy it!

Download 2 free chapters from 'Globish The World Over'

Since 2004, when the first books about Globish were published, the talk about Globish has changed. In that year, in forums on the Internet, many English teachers looked at the idea -- and then looked away, saying: "I cannot imagine anything important being said in Globish" and "They are going to destroy our beautiful English language" and "Why can't they just learn how to speak decent English?"

Now, 5 years later… there are very different questions floating around in English Language Forums: "How many people now know enough English?" "Should the English teachers, who said 'you will never be good enough,' now still be the keepers of the flame?". And a few are beginning to ask: "How much English is enough?"

Globish may have the answer.