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Lerne GLobish Level English in nur 3 bis 6 Monaten!
If you can read this, you can learn
Globish IN Globish TM
in 3-6 months (if you work hard!)
  • START reading 350 basic words and build to 1500....
  • LISTEN to and SAY each word - special help with sounds....
  • USE your computer, or mobile ... or both!
  • LEARN to make simple sentences for every communication you need...
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START NOW...Just $49.95, unlimited use for 6 months!

Here's what they say about Globish IN Globish™.....

"....this program is simple, easy and understandable for everyone."

"...may help some students learn immersion process... "

"At first it was...difficult to get used to the language... but after two hours I realized I could understand everything."
Timea P.

"It's exciting to learn another language in a way that I would learn my native language."
- Jin

"It is a very good feeling when I can find out the meaning of a word by reading and understanding the language I am studying."
Anna P.

"Today was exciting. I was able to make short sentences today."
- Renjo

"Having an mp3 file going along with the story helped me a lot. Now I know how to pronounce the new words and it also gave me an opportunity to improve my listening comprehension."
Zsuzsanna, T.


Free eBook! Teach Globish


In this free 56-page prE-book, you learn how to put all the pieces together: live teaching, small classes, easy scheduling, no travel, consistent 24/7 materials, and teaching Globish-English using Globish IN Globish.
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